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Customer Service

Most companies talk about their customers being very important to them - even to the point of being "the lifeblood of our organization".  Very few act on these words with greater commitment, conviction and enthusiasm that we do at

Every aspect of our approach to your support is determined foremost by an in-depth understanding of what you need to achieve your business goals. RFID Customer Service

That way, we're able to ensure a tight alignment with your strategies and objectives in whatever undertakings we perform for you.  

 AD 222 UHF RFID Dry Inlay

It takes a solid, fully integrated team to serve a customer properly.  There are no 'lone rangers' here.  When you work with SkyRFID, you're served by a skilled and committed team of professionals who contribute their expertise to ensure your success.

From the top down and the bottom up, we're focused on achieving your most important goals with you.

As our customer we can provide you with on-line, real time access to our technical support through our live help system, telephone support, on site support and web based access to your account information to track orders in process, place new orders or simply run reports on your data.  Contact Us right now to check out our service level. 

 If you received an item from us that is defective our return terms and procedures are here: Return Terms and Procedures   -  Please review them and then contact us for your RMA number. 

For other questions on Customer Service, such as SkyRFID Standard Terms and Conditions for Sales, Back Order policies, Cancelling of Orders in Process or any other type of question directly relating to our policies, email CustomerService@SkyRFID.Com  for details.


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  The most committed Customer Service Team for Radio Frequency Identification Solutions on the internet.   


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