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RFID Readers and Accessories

SkyRFID has direct access to a number of excellent hardware suppliers who work with SkyRFID to make sure that you receive the right products and the best price the first time.

Contact Us for more information.

If you have a need for hardware then you've come to the right place. 

If you're not sure exactly what you need we can help you. 

If you know exactly what you need we can help you too!

When you want to purchase

Let us take the headache out of finding the right hardware and the right tags for your application and provide you with the goods at a lower cost!

We have direct access to a wide variety of excellent hardware suppliers who work with us to make sure that you receive the right products and the best price the first time!  Contact Us today for sourcing your hardware requirements!


New 13.56 MHz Reader Writers  ►              SkyRFID HF 13.56 MHz Smart Phone Reader    SkyRFID HF 13.56 MHz USBS stick Reader   SkyRFID HF 13.56 MHz Bluetooth Card Reader              

  Smart Phone, USB Stick  and  Reader Writers ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693 

We can supply you with:

LF, Low Frequency 125 kHz. or 134.2 kHz. Bluetooth Readers, RFID Fixed Readers, RFID Reader/Writers, ID Verifiers, Portable Reader/Writers

LF, Low Frequency 134.2 kHz. Bluetooth RFID Reader/Writers,  Portable Reader/Writers

HF, High Frequency 13.56 MHz. RFID Fixed Readers, POS Reader Writers, ID Verifiers, Portable Reader/Writers

UHF, Ultra High Frequency 860 ~ 960 MHz.,  Hand Held Reader/Writers, Fixed Mount, Vehicle Mount, Nema certified for hazardous conditions, 2 port, 4 port, 4 port with LBT, 8 port bi-static

SHF/Microwave, Super High Frequency 2.45 GHz. Passive and Active Tag Readers/Writers Portable, Fixed and Industrial

In addition to single frequency readers we also have a number of Multi-Frequency Readers and reader writers available for your application needs.  For those looking to develope applications we also supply both SDK's (Software Development Kit) and DDK's (Driver Development Kit) for all of our reader product lines

We have a full complement of High Gain Antennas - Linear and Circular Polarization and low noise high quality antenna cables to support whatever environmental and reading/interrogation conditions that you may incur. 

Contact Us for additional information.

Many of our weekly specials feature one of these readers and sample tags as a package priced to save you time and money.


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SkyRFID your Global Supplier for all of your RFID Reader, Tag and Accessory needs

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