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RFID Weapons Management Software

Sky_Weapons_Express Software


Web based Multi-user, Multi-location Software.  Graphical Interface to Track, Search, Seek, Find, Total,    Filter, Report, Reorder, Rename - whatever you want from wherever you are!


SkyRFID is now providing a new revolutionary web based weapons management solution for small, large and multi-site armories This new solution comprises of RFID cards to access the facility and RFID tags to track weapons, munitions, magazines, parts and tactical gear such as body armor, night vision optics and other high value goods.  It can even be used to track uniforms or any other assets that may need to be kept in the Armory. SkyRFID & Biometric Terminal

The RFID card access system comes in 2 flavors - Standard RFID Card Access Readers and RFID Card Access Readers with Biometric Fingerprint Scanners.

Since all armories are different the solution has several levels of security features that range from static weapons monitoring to full RTLS (Real Time Locating System) with sensor activated CCTV.

SKYRFID Weapons Express software uses Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for communication security over the Internet so authorized users can view inventory, activities and reports on all weapons in the system where ever they are and where ever the weapons are being stored. 

To ensure security the Sky Weapons Express solution can be securely hosted by SkyRFID, Sky Authorized Partners or the Armory owners.  

The hardware offers multiple levels of security depending on each Armory needs.  Small armories can operate with just a single desktop RFID scanner attached to a workstation that directly connects to the Sky Weapons Express software.

 SkyRFID UHF USB reader EW.jpg

UHF Gen 2 Desktop Reader Writer

While our standard desk top "Check In" and "Check Out" RFID reader will work for small armouries, larger sites can take advantage of the SkyOEM hand held readers for fast scanning of multiple items for quick "Check In" and "Check Out".   

Complex Armories can use Sky Super Small Safe and Rack Antennas combined with special SkyOEM antenna powered MUX's (Multiplexers) that provide for up to 256 shelf and safe antennas on one single port of a SkyOEM 4 port fixed reader. This solution provides for RTLS down to less than 10 mm when deployed correctly.  Since realtime RTLS can use bandwidth quickly, Sky Weapons Expess also uses Sensors that activate the RTLS by Zones enabling the RTLS usage only when needed which reduces bandwidth and power consumption.

SkyRFID Mini Shelf Antenna                                                             SkyRFID Mini Safe Antenna

   Shelf Antenna - 260 mm x 130 mm x 2 mm                              Safe Antenna 165 mm x 165 mm x 25 mm

In addition to the Sensors and for additional security in the Armory, Sky Weapons Express also deploys Close Circuit TV Cameras (CCTV) to capture all activity in each Zone of the Armory.

Security can also be enhanced by using Sky Door Portals that automatically scan tags on either side of the person entering or leaving the Armory to ensure all weapons, parts and tactical gear are accounted for.

Inventory is easily taken with SkyOEM hand held readers providing real time inventory updates ensuring the Armory Inventory is 100% correct at all times.

This new software uses graphical views to show the layout of the armoury and where each weapon, part or tactical gear is being stored.  Modifications to have your own armoury layout is easily accomplished by the SkyRFID Authorized Partner who is performing the implementation or by the end users themselves.  Weapons images can also be changed by simply loading images using the built in image loader.

SkyRFID Weapons Hand GunRuger MP9Sky Weapons Express Main Data Map  SkyRFID Weapons Machine Gun Shrike


All Armories have different needs and the Sky Weapons Express is capable of meeting or exceeding those requirements through a set of Adminstrative Tools that support Notification Lists, Excallation Paths, Rules and Targets, Classifications, SMTP Configuration, Screen View Configuration and Unlimited Reporting on Screen and Hard Copy.

SkyRFID Weapons Rifle Sniper Barrett XM500Sky Weapons Express Equipment List  SkyRFID Weapons Shotgun Assault KSG

For fast implementation users can accept the standard configuration of Sky Weapons Express or change any and all of the prompt and data fields for a true custom implementation all done from within the software standard package.

Secure your Armory with RFID technology.  Sensors to activate RFID Door Portals at the Armory entrance.  Sensors to activate RFID Fixed Readers throughout the Armory.  Workstation "Check In" "Check Out".  Hand Held RFID Reader for Inventory and "Where Is"

SkyRFID Weapons Boys MK1 Anti Tank RifleSky Weapons Express makes 100% accuracy possible, no hand writing, no errors, no theft - Know where your weapons are!SkyRFID Weapons Colt M4

 Issue Weapons, Repair Weapons, Issue Ammunition, Return Weapons, Return Ammunition All with RFID Technology, All with 100% Accuracy


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